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Families are delighted with the improvements our me-feed-me dinnerware brings to mealtimes.

We love to hear all your stories both good and bad, so please do keep them coming.

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Families love the Salmon Luke me-feed-me collection!


“Your bowl is great. Sturdy, doesn’t tip, easy for mum and child to get food on spoon and child doesn’t get more food on the high chair tray than in mouth. It’s better than any kid’s bowl we have and we have loads.”

Rachel McNally, mother of Harry (2), and Molly (1).



Your satisfaction is very important to us, and is 100% guaranteed. If for any reason you are not completely convinced that our dinnerware improves your child's self-feeding, we will refund the full sale price plus all shipping and handling costs. 


Salmon Luke have come up trumps with a well thought out feeding concept that does what modern parents expect from their products - makes life easier and in turn makes mealtimes fun and pleasurable. These are well worth the money!

Review by Bambino Goodies - Read the full review by clicking here.

I’ve only ever been moved to send feedback to one other company before, but really wanted to contact you. I saw your product advertised on netmums recently and knew that it was what I needed. Having had one very independent eater (I spent ages thinking he didn’t like food before I realised he didn’t like being fed!) and a second child who, within a few days of starting weaning was showing all the signs of preferring to feed himself, your designs made absolute sense. I ordered straight away; they arrived extremely quickly, and I’m delighted with them. Apart from being a great idea and a lovely product, I was really impressed with your environmentally-responsible ethos and enjoyed reading all that information on your site. It certainly tipped the balance for me from bookmarking your page and possibly forgetting to order (memory suffering from sleep-deprivation!) to ordering immediately. I think your packaging-free option is fantastic. It was an environmental breath of fresh air to be able to choose not to be sent unnecessary and unwanted packaging. I really wish other companies offered such a choice. What a difference it would make! Thank you for a great product and for producing it with such integrity. I really wish you luck with it.

Lynn Walmsley mum to two boys, names coming soon.

Just to let you know the bowl and cutlery arrived, and we are very pleased with them. My husband, who is an architect and therefore really appreciates good design, said they are quite lovely!

High praise indeed!

Suzy Johnston, wife to a very nice architect Smile 

Wendy-&-James.jpgJust thought i'd send a quick e-mail to thank you for sending out the bowl & cutlery so quickly. I've been hunting around for the best bowl & cutlery for James (15 months) for a while now and when I came across your design I was very impressed. The video footage made me determined that this was the bowl for him. James can be a little monster at times, throwing his food around is quite a regular occurance but for the first time ever James actually ate food from the bowl and even attempted to use his new cutlery! Once again, thank you for such prompt service and for a fantastic product!

Wendy Parkinson mum to James (15 months)

I have been using the bowl and cutlery for a few months now and it is fantastic. Hardly any food is dropped or leftover and to see Tillie so proud feeding herself is brilliant. Thank you so much.

Karen Redpath mum to Tillie

I have two toddlers, 11 months apart, so I really have my hands full and my work cut out for me. My eldest is 2 and a half and my youngest 18 months. As you can imagine, mealtimes is a mess-making-mania and we all end up frustrated as my kids are not yet old enough to feed themselves and I end up trying to feed both of them simultaneously with no success! I heard about your me-feed-me system from a friend and wanted to try it immediately! My, oh my, did it revolutionize my life?! My husband works for a leading baby company who manufacture car seats, high-end pushchair systems and safety equipment and so he often arrives home with the latest and greatest 'baby invention' to hit the market but I must be honest, your product has made the biggest positive impact on my day-to-day life (along with the car seat my husband's company makes which turns towards the door!)

I must congratulate you on a truly amazing product. Mealtimes are now stress-free and I don't have to negotiate/beg/fool the food into my children. The independence it has given them has done wonders for our meal-time mania! I even get to put the food in front of them and watch them eat without getting involved and without having to get in a cleaning team afterwards ;)

Igna Barron mum of Kendra (2 and a half) and Zac (18 months)
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