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Families are delighted with the improvements our me-feed-me dinnerware brings to mealtimes.

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Families love the Salmon Luke me-feed-me collection!


“Your bowl is great. Sturdy, doesn’t tip, easy for mum and child to get food on spoon and child doesn’t get more food on the high chair tray than in mouth. It’s better than any kid’s bowl we have and we have loads.”

Rachel McNally, mother of Harry (2), and Molly (1).



Your satisfaction is very important to us, and is 100% guaranteed. If for any reason you are not completely convinced that our dinnerware improves your child's self-feeding, we will refund the full sale price plus all shipping and handling costs. 

Now-what-baby.jpgI was really impressed at how easy the Me-Feed-Me system made eating dinner for Connor. Typically when he is trying to scoop up his food it ends up falling of the edge of the plate and landing on the floor. He constantly needs assistance to eat, which drives him crazy & deprives me of the ability to eat my dinner... Connor had no trouble feeding himself and the after dinner mess was significantly less. He even managed to eat corn with no trouble and I got to finish my dinner with the rest of my family!

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Melissa Touchton, founder of NowWhatBaby

I cannot recommend this product enough, it really works well and will help your child develop their self-feeding skills a lot quicker than a conventional child's bowl and cutlery set. 

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Liz & Richard Austin, founders of www.parenting.co.uk

Lara instinctively used the bowl correctly and on her first time managed to eat virtually all the meal herself- the first time that’s happened. We now use the bowl regularly... Lara’s grandparents also commented on how well she feeds with her new bowl

Justin Hayward, father of Lara
“me-feed-me performed exactly as promised, Annabel became more interested in eating, cleared her plate on her own and there was less mess for me to clear up... a great addition to any parent’s kitchen”
Helen le Duc, mother of Annabel 18 months and Sophie 3.
I’m very impressed with the me-feed-me set I recently purchased. I was a little sceptical a first, as I’ve used products in the past which were said to help children self-feed but found they didn’t work. Joanna my youngest at 21 months loves feeding from it. It’s so much easier for her to feed herself.... she was constantly asking me to help her and now she hardly ever does.
Dr. Jane Sapphire, mother of Joanna (21 months)
Just wanted to let you know how we got on with our bowl and cutlery set. Oliver has been using them for a week now and we all think it is superb! He insists that every meal is served in his bowl and the improvement in his self-feeding is unbelievable. Duncan and I were impressed how the curve of the bowl forces the food back on to the spoon. Duncan initially demonstrated this to Oliver so now he thinks it is fun that the spoon is catching all of the food to eat instead of it going overboard.
Lorraine Cocks, mother of Oliver (?)
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