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Your satisfaction is very important to us, and is 100% guaranteed. If for any reason you are not completely convinced that our dinnerware improves your child's self-feeding, we will refund the full sale price plus all shipping and handling costs. 

our-products-bowl.jpg What’s so special about the me-feed-me bowl?

When our first child, Samuel, was around nine months old he began to feed himself.  At first it was finger food.  Then, once he could hold a spoon, he demanded to self-feed, and would only take a few spoonfuls from us after a lot of coaxing.  This turned out to be quite a stressful time for the whole family.  Samuel was really frustrated that he couldn’t feed himself and we were worried that he wasn’t getting enough to eat.

We must have spent a fortune trying every combination of children’s bowl on the market including; suction cup bowls, section bowls, bowls of all shapes and sizes.  The result?  Nothing really worked.

So we decided to see if we could develop a bowl which would encourage and assist young children to self-feed.

The problem we found with traditional bowls is that children often find it to hard to get the food onto the spoon without it flipping over the sides, which makes a mess and wastes food.  Children can spend ages chasing food round the bowl, as there are no places for them to trap the food and scoop it up.  This can cause frustration for the child and sometimes puts them off self-feeding, prefering mum to do it for them instead.

Here's how our bowl works...


Patented Corners

We designed a bowl with three cutlery shaped corners, which firstly trap the food and stops your toddler having to chase their dinner round in circles. Then the patented profile of the corners helps guide the food onto the spoon.  The clever shape then trims the excess food from around the spoon to produce neat portion sized helpings. This helps them become more successful at scooping up food, and prevents them attempting to transfer mounds of food, which has a tendency to fall off, toward their mouth.

Waved shaped sides

In addition, the sides of our bowl are completely unique as they curve inwards, just like the shape of a wave.  This does a great job of pushing the food back onto the cutlery and not over the sides.  The makes far less-mess and gives your child every chance to self-feed successfully.

It stays put

What’s more, we've developed a chunky stable shape and added a ultra-soft, supper-grippy rubber to the base, which means it's less likely to be tipped over or move around the high chair and end up on the floor.


Finally, Salmon Luke's products are exclusively made from Hygienik™ a material unique to us, which give our dinnerware self-sterilising properties.   Hygienik™ has been independently tested to stop the growth of illness-causing bacteria such as MRSA, E. coli and salmonella.

We tested the performance of our bowl extensively to make sure that it not only worked on our children, but others found it helped too.

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