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Your satisfaction is very important to us, and is 100% guaranteed. If for any reason you are not completely convinced that our dinnerware improves your child's self-feeding, we will refund the full sale price plus all shipping and handling costs. 

our-products-cutlery.jpg Toddler Cutlery & Toddler Spoons - What’s so special about the me-feed-me cutlery?

We took a fresh look at children’s cutlery and found that existing products seemed to be designed for looks rather than functionality and didn't really help toddlers self-feed successfully.

Early on in our research we realised that children who are starting to self–feed tend to hold the very tip of their cutlery handle. This means they have a relatively long utensil, which is hard to control, protruding from their fist. Unsurprisingly, they find it difficult to get this unwieldy tool in to their mouths.

To remedy this, our cutlery has a thinner tapered end to discourage handle tip holding. And is chunky and bulbous at the point of the correct grip position. Our design makes successful self-feeding more likely, as it encourages your toddler to hold the soft, comfortable part of the handle, which is also the correct grip position. This means they position their hands in a way which gives them more control and makes it more likely that food will end up in their mouths.

What’s more, our research showed that in the early stages of self-feeding children using rounded cutlery were likely to twist it around in their hands which made it harder for them to feed themselves. We experimented with several designs, and finally found that cutlery with a flat underside was more likely to kept the cutlery – and the food – horizontal on its journey from bowl to mouth.

We’ve also added a clever little tail at the bottom of our cutlery so the spoon and fork don’t roll over when placed on a flat surface. This helps with the baton passing technique.  This is where mum loads one spoon with food and places it on the table next to the child, who grabs the full spoon, letting go of the empty one, for mum to load again.

What’s so special about the me-feed-me spoon?

Ordinary children’s spoons hold food in quite a shallow area. Anything placed in the spoon tends to balance right on the top, which makes it easier for food to come out. Unfortunately, food then often leaves the spoon before it reaches your toddler’s mouth.

We’ve designed our spoon with a deep head which holds the food safely until it reaches its destination. We’ve also made the back of the spoon higher than the front. This stops food sliding off the back when your toddler lifts the spoon toward their mouth.

What’s so special about the me-feed-me fork?

If you look at our fork design, you will see that it’s different to any other children's fork. We've designed it to be gentle on your toddler’s mouth, but our unique prong design makes very effective at piercing the food, and holding it safely in place until it reaches its target.



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