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Your satisfaction is very important to us, and is 100% guaranteed. If for any reason you are not completely convinced that our dinnerware improves your child's self-feeding, we will refund the full sale price plus all shipping and handling costs. 

Our products comply with international testing standards

We are wholeheartedly committed to producing the safest and highest quality dinnerware possible. We take this responsibility seriously as our products are used by the most vulnerable members of the community - young children. Every Salmon Luke bowl, fork and spoon is produced and tested to withstand the demands of an active family life.

BS EN 14372:2004

All Salmon Luke products and packaging comply with BS EN 14372:2004 safety requirements - the most rigorous European safety standard for infant’s cutlery and feeding utensils.

This means that an independent laboratory has looked at the materials, construction, performance, packaging and labelling of Salmon Luke products and have certified them to be safe for use by children of up to 36 months of age. The laboratory checks that there are no sharp elements to the product, that there are not parts which could snap off and cause harm and that the material they’re made from is safe and does not contain any harmful substances. They also check that our packaging informs our customers on how to use and care for our product in a safe and responsible way.

JIS Z 2801:2000

Our products conform to JIS Z 2801:2000, an internationally recognised standard which tests for antimicrobial activity and efficacy. We think that this is an important step forward in raising the standards of quality and safety in the children’s tableware market.

By conforming to the above standard, our products are tested to ensure that bacteria are unable to live and multiply on their surfaces. Even repeated washing, scrubbing or scratching does not affect our product’s performance.

BPA Free Dinnerware

Our plastic is guaranteed to be 100% free of the chemical Bisphenol-A.  Various scientific institutions, as well as the British Government, are currently studying the following effects of Bisphenol A on humans: Early onset of puberty, Increased instances of childhood hyperactivity, Learning disorders and impaired mental development , Declining sperm counts and semen quality, Climbing rates of breast cancer , Deformities of male and female reproductive organs . More and more scientific literature is showing that Bisphenol A, “a known endocrine disruptor” according to the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) can have a potentially dangerous affect on our children’s lives.