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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I've noticed some discolouration of my Salmon Luke bowl, is this normal?

Yes.  All products made from polypropylene can stain if they come in to contact with foods with high natural or artificial colourings.  Because our base colour is white any discolouration may be more noticeable, this is one of the reasons that other baby bowl manufacturers use bright colours, which disguise the staining.  Any discolouration is purely cosmetic.  Quite often the staining will fade over time, but if foods with high colourings come into contact with the bowl again the staining may continue.  Our bowls, forks and spoons are made from Hygenik, which gives our products anti-bacterial properties and is accredited to provide protection against bacteria such as MRSA, E. Coli and Salmonella.  No amount of scrubbing, washing or bleaching will lessen our products unique bacteria fighting properties.

 Q:  Is your dinnware range Bisphenol-A (BPA) free?

Our plastic is guaranteed to be 100% free of the chemical Bisphenol-A.  Various scientific institutions, as well as the British Government, are currently studying the following effects of Bisphenol A on humans: Early onset of puberty, Increased instances of childhood hyperactivity, Learning disorders and impaired mental development , Declining sperm counts and semen quality, Climbing rates of breast cancer , Deformities of male and female reproductive organs . More and more scientific literature is showing that Bisphenol A, “a known endocrine disruptor” according to the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) can have a potentially dangerous affect on our children’s lives.

Q:  What age should my son start using the me-feed-me bowl?

The antimicrobial properties of the me-feed-me range makes it ideal for using it early on in the self-feeding stage say 6-9 months when food and surface hygiene is very important. As his self-feeding develops he will progress from using his hands only, to experimenting with cutlery, typically around 9-12 months. Me-feed-me dinnerware will help your son feed himself more successfully, but it's like any new skill we acquire, it takes time. The me-feed-me range is designed to help shorten that development time.

Q. My child is 2 and not self feeding should I be concerned?

If you have any concerns about your child’s development it would be advisable to speak to your health visitor. We can only comment from experience, but we have found that some children become disinterested in self-feeding because they have found difficult and frustrating in the past, so they prefer to let mum and dad do it for them. We've witnessed this in our own children and that of our product development group. Me-feed-me dinnerware definitely makes it easier and more rewarding when children are learning to self-feed, so it may help.

Q.  Tell me more about the less mess aspect of your product - can I believe it?

You can Click Here, to see our me-feed-me dinnerware in action. We included a video on our website so that customers can clearly see for themselves how well it works. We actually developed our me-feed-me dinnerware to help children self-feed, not thinking about the less-mess benefits. It was our product testers who highlighted how little mess there was to clear up after mealtimes, so it proved to be great for both children and parents.

Q. What is the bowl made out of?

The base ingredients are polypropylene and TPE, the same materials your toothbrush is made from. All materials are food contact safe.  Salmon Luke’s me-feed-me dinnerware is currently the only product to comply with two of the most rigorous material safety and performance accreditations; BSEN 14372 for general material safety, and JIS Z 2801 for antimicrobial effectiveness, which protects against bacterial infections like E. coli and MRSA.  By entering the serial number on of your me-feed-me product on our website, you can view the actual lab reports and certificates of each product. We hope this will give our customer the confidence that we take product safety extremely seriously. No other company is as transparent with their material and product safety accreditations as Salmon Luke.

Q. How have you tested this product? What is your sample in addition to your own children?

We have been researching and testing our product for the last three years. While our own two children were our initial gauge as to how the product was going to really work, we also worked with more than 50 other children to test, adapt and perfect our products. We aimed to use a wide range of children, from those who we knew to be difficult at mealtimes, to those with sceptical parents, and children who were just starting out on their self-feeding experience. We have been delighted and surprised by the variety of problems our feeding range has solved for parents - non-feeders, plate-throwers, infants uninterested in feeding and lazy feeders, to name a few.

Q. Are the bowl, fork and spoon dishwasher safe?

A. Yes, the bowl, fork and spoon are all dishwasher (top shelf) and microwave safe. It is advisable not to heat foods with a high fat content like meat bolognaise in the microware, as this can sometimes cause scorching on the surface of plastic products.  Instead, use a ceramic dish in the microwave and transfer the food to the bowl once cooled.