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Families are delighted with the improvements our me-feed-me dinnerware brings to mealtimes.

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Families love the Salmon Luke me-feed-me collection!


“Your bowl is great. Sturdy, doesn’t tip, easy for mum and child to get food on spoon and child doesn’t get more food on the high chair tray than in mouth. It’s better than any kid’s bowl we have and we have loads.”

Rachel McNally, mother of Harry (2), and Molly (1).



Your satisfaction is very important to us, and is 100% guaranteed. If for any reason you are not completely convinced that our dinnerware improves your child's self-feeding, we will refund the full sale price plus all shipping and handling costs. 

Salmon Luke Product Review - Nicola Wilson - mother of Jorgie (1), Jamie (2) & Charlie (5)

I wasn’t sure if my eldest Charlie (5) would be too old as he can quite comfortably eat his dinner without making too much mess but Rice Krispie time was extremely messy. He does not spill a drop now and he asks for his me-feed-me bowl at all mealtimes now. Jamie (2) likes to mess about at dinnertime and pick at his foods with his hands but since he has been using his me-feed-me bowl and cutlery his hands have not needed to be washed after every mealtime. Jorgie (1) is just beginning to learn to eat her food by herself and the me-feed-me bowls and cutlery have been a revolution. For example we gave her homemade lentil soup last week and she managed to scoop the vegetables out on her own and she was so pleased with herself. The cutlery is perfect for her little hands! I think you have a fantastic product and it is very refreshing to see that it is a family run business and I wish you every success in the world.

Nicola Wilson - mother of Jorgie (1), Jamie (2) & Charlie (5)